Zoe Bayliss Wong

Finance and operations specialist within high-growth brands and platforms

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Former Director at Depop
Expert and commentator on fast-changing consumer behaviour
Expert on interface between retail and technology

With almost a decade of e-commerce and fashion retail experience behind her, Zoe is a finance and operations specialist within high-growth businesses. Until November 2021 she was a Director at Depop, the cult Gen-Z  ‘social shopping’ app, with over 18 million users – most of them under 25.

During her time at Depop, the company grew over 12X, raised over $80 million in funding and been ranked as Britain’s 11th fastest-growing private tech company, which landed Zoe a place on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018. It was recently sold to Etsy for $1.6 billion.

As a trained chartered accountant, Zoe worked with a number of FTSE 100 companies within the consumer space before moving in-house to Tesco Clothing where she held roles in both digital and physical fashion retail. Her work included the rollout of an international ecommerce platform and a new multichannel proposition to connect online sales with brick & mortar stores. Zoe regularly speaks about her work at events and has been profiled in both industry and lifestyle publications, from Forbes to Grazia.

Zoe was previously a lifestyle writer and presenter, working for publications such as ELLE and Yahoo!Style and going behind the scenes at Fashion Week. She continues to write for Forbes, whilst supporting organisations like the ICAEW to develop young entrepreneurs and school leavers. Her mission at Depop was to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and prove that commercial business can also be a force for good.

Suggested Talks:

The business of sustainability: How to go green whilst staying in the black

With shrinking budgets and increasing uncertainty, trying to balance sustainable goals with commercial reality is harder than ever. Is there money to be made whilst reducing the world’s environmental and social problems? How can we do this in a meaningful and authentic way? This talk covers how sustainability can become a true commercial lever for consumer business, rather than an optional obligation.

From A to GenZ – Shaping the future of retail for the next generation.

Already the largest generational cohort in the world, GenZ will soon become the largest consumer group too. But how does this generation of digital natives differ to their predecessors and what are the new drivers reshaping the way we will buy things, make money and interact with each other? Having a social media presence is not enough. This talk explains the key success factors when it comes to engaging this next cohort of customers and the hidden pitfalls to avoid.

When circularity isn’t enough. A new model for the future of sustainable consumption.

Who is responsible for making retail sustainable, consumers or companies? Circularity alone can’t save the planet and consumer demand is only one element of the solution. We must add social and sharing elements to the way we consume. The future of sustainable commerce lies at the intersection of consumption, social community & a circular economy. This talk outlines the evolving path to purchase and a new model emerging from the advances in technology and social awareness.

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