Sima Kotecha

UK Editor for Newsnight

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Highly experienced journalist and reporter, currently UK Editor for BBC Newsnight
Specialises in multiple story areas including defence, policing, politics and social affairs
First-class public speaker, event host and moderator

Sima Kotecha is the UK Editor on the BBC’s flagship current affairs television programme, Newsnight. She also presents the programme when the main presenters are absent. She specialises in original journalism and exposing the truth through winning the trust of her contributors and holding those in power to account.

She is a versatile presenter, able to turn her hand to different types of presentation and tackles a range of issues from the most serious to lighter topics. She regularly appears on the BBC’s Newscast podcast and has presented on Breakfast News on BBC1, the BBC News channel, PM on Radio 4, 5Live as well as the news on BBC1.

Sima’s career as a reporter spans almost twenty years and across the globe. She has spent much of her professional life living in the US and reporting from countries at times of conflict and volatility, such as Afghanistan, Haiti and Lebanon. She was one of the first reporters to broadcast from Italy at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, before the virus had reached the British shores.

She has interviewed a wide range of people in the public eye, from the former US president Barack Obama to the current UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Her interviewing style is versatile, from the probing to the sympathetic, and she is noted for encouraging people to tell their stories.

Sima has a reputation for breaking original journalism, specialising in multiple story areas including defence, policing, politics and social affairs. She is a first-class public speaker, event host and moderator.

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