Sam Conniff

Expert in uncertainty, dedicated to helping people navigate change and turn fear into opportunity

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Co-founder of Uncertainty Experts, the world’s first Entertainment Based Therapy experience
Best-selling author of Be More Pirate
Co-Founder of BAFTA-winning content studio Don’t Panic

Sam Conniff is an expert in uncertainty and dedicated to helping people navigate change and turn fear into opportunity.

In our rapidly changing and uncertain world, Sam uses a unique hybrid of online learning, interactive documentary and psychological intervention to drive curiosity, inspire innovation and build emotional resilience in teams and leaders alike. Sam’s mission is to equip people with the tools needed to not just thrive in an uncertain society, but to drive innovation, seize opportunities and lead others to become Uncertainty Experts themselves.

In 2023, Sam co-created the world’s first Entertainment Based Therapy experience, Uncertainty Experts. Sam is the author of the international best-seller and ‘modern life-bible’ Be More Pirate. He was Co-Founder of Livity, the multi-award-winning social enterprise and youth-led creative Network, Co-founder of Digify Africa, providing transformational digital skills to thousands of young Africans and Co-Founder of Don’t Panic, the original activist and BAFTA-winning content studio. Sam has won Entrepreneur of the year, Agency of the Year, The Queen’s Award and many others. Sam turned down an MBE in 2020 in an open letter to the Queen, suggesting an update to the honours system to move it away from its ‘colonial past’.

Sam speaks at conferences and events, and leads bespoke masterclasses for leadership teams and companies looking to build emotional resilience, make better decisions, take decisive action and turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Suggested talks

Be More Pirate: Being more pirate is a shift in your mindset; a willingness to think differently, to challenge and be challenged, and to stop asking for permission to do what you know is right. It’s never been more difficult to create meaningful change and at the same time, bold creativity is more important than ever. Be More Pirate will help you and your teams to shift mindsets and behaviours, leading to more creative and confident crews as catalysts for change.

From the first sessions immersion in the true, hair-raising inspirational story of pirates, the crew inherit a new level of excitement, agency and self-belief.

Uncertainty Experts: Uncertainty Experts is the world’s first Entertainment Based Therapy immersive experience. Scientifically-backed, it is proven to increase your teams’ uncertainty tolerance, empowering people to move from fear to excitement, inertia to action and anxiety to emotional resilience.

In a fast-paced, rapidly-changing world, the only thing that’s guaranteed is more uncertainty. A first-of-its-kind programme, Uncertainty Experts will equip your teams with the tools needed to not just survive, but thrive in uncertainty and be ready to embrace an uncertain future. Drawing from what is now the world’s most extensive research study on the human impact, Uncertainty Experts is guaranteed to reduce anxiety, increase creativity, unlock innovation and will teach your teams how to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Be More Gangster: It’s been said that it would be easier to colonise Mars than it would be to fix work. The problem is that reinvention is hard when the only insights on offer are coming from the bucket of ‘business as usual.’ Be More Gangster cuts through the stale jargon of most keynotes on success in business to offer inspiration and strategies from an unexpected source: the outer edges of the informal economy. It asks what we could learn from one of the most enduring, successful, innovative and profitable icons of enterprise that has ever existed: the gangster.

Be More Gangster offers a shot in the arm for anyone trying to engineer more meaningful, innovative or effective businesses. If you’ve ever dreamt of cutting through the crap in your office, organisation or just your own head so you can focus on the activities that make a difference, now you can.

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