Rosie Millen

Qualified nutritional therapist and expert in burnout, fatigue and energy

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Author of Burnout's A B*tch!: A 6-week recipe and lifestyle plan to reset your energy
Founder of Go Mental, the UK’s first mental wellbeing festival

Rosie Millen is a fully qualified nutritional therapist, specialising in addressing burnout.

In 2014, she collapsed from too much stress and was bed-bound for three years. This ordeal led to a diagnosis of severe burnout and required substantial and difficult changes to get back on her feet. Now fully recovered, she helps others regain their energy through making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

She has personally coached thousands of clients, helped numerous companies give their employees more energy, and written hundreds of blog posts on recovering from burnout.

In 2021, Mitchell Beazley published her first book on the subject, Burnout’s a B*tch, the antidote to the overworked world in which we live.

Rosie regularly runs wellness workshops for major corporations, focusing on employee wellbeing. From mental health, stress management, ways to enhance mood and performance to food demos, each workshop is designed to inspire, engage and educate participants so they feel more energised and productive. Previous clients include Goldman Sachs, ITV, BBC, Warner Music and Victoria Beckham.

In 2023 she launched Go Mental, the UK’s first mental wellbeing festival. The event brings together experts in their fields to address mental health challenges and promote strategies for self-care and support.

Suggested talks:

How Not to Burnout: Understand how to deal with stress, build resilience and cope with difficult times. Learn how not to burnout despite the challenges we face.

Mental well-being Masterclass: Understand factors that affect your mental state and implement changes to boost your mental well-being and reduce anxiety.

Food and Mood: Get a handle on your diet and understand which foods give you energy and which foods zap your energy. Learn how to make smart food swaps.

Food Demos: Rosie is also available for food demos in-house. These 60 minute sessions are very popular and can be done as a demo or as a cook along, including healthy breakfasts, snacks and lunches.

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