Lord Richard Harrington

Peer and former Government Minister

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Former Pensions Minister and Business Minister
Responsible for hugely successful Homes for Ukraine scheme
Published report on foreign direct investment in the UK for the Treasury

Lord Richard Harrington is a Peer and served as MP for Watford between 2010 and 2019, when he retired from politics following the Brexit impasse.

Having had a successful business career before entering politics, Richard is seen as a politician who knows how business works and a businessman who knows how politics works.

He was a Government Minister from 2015 to 2019, covering the Syrian Refugee Crisis and then as Pensions Minister and Business Minister. He returned to politics in 2022 to be the Minister responsible for the hugely successful Homes for Ukraine scheme. Known for being one of the very few who has managed to achieve the impossible across government departments under pressure, few politicians have the experience of breaking down civil service silos and creating structure to deliver in a complex and challenging climate.

These roles gave him a ring side seat at the heart of Government during the liveliest and most consequential years in British politics of the last decades. He has direct experience of how politics and government can work, and can provide audiences with insights as to how too often it doesn’t.

Most recently he published a report on Foreign Direct Investment for the Treasury, which was accepted by the Chancellor at the 2023 Autumn Statement as well as by Labour’s Shadow Business team. In the course of review, Richard spoke with over 200 leading businesses and continues to deliver talks to business, trade bodies and Universities on the subject. With humour and candour, Richard is able to provide useful insights and colour to the intriguing world of politics.

He regularly appears on broadcast, print media and popular podcasts.

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