Pixie Turner

Pixie Turner is a nutritionist (ANutr) and science communicator

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Author of The Wellness Rebel, The No Need to Diet Book and The Insta-Food Diet
Expert on our complicated relationship with food, with qualifications in nutrition, biochemistry and psychology

Pixie Turner is a registered nutritionist (RNutr), BACP-accredited psychotherapist and science communicator. She graduated with a first class degree in biochemistry, and went on to complete a masters in nutrition with distinction. She is the brains behind the ‘Pixie Nutrition’ social media accounts, which aims to encourage a healthy relationship with food and debunk nutrition misinformation online. In addition, she has been featured as a nutrition expert on BBC and Channel 5, and in publications such as Red, the Evening Standard, Grazia, the Telegraph and more.

Pixie delivers popular talks and webinars on nutrition, well-being and our relationship with food and is the author of three books; The Wellness Rebel, and The No Need to Diet Book and The Insta Food Diet: How Social Media Has Shaped the Way We Eat.

Suggested Talks:

  • Why do humans have such a complicated relationship with food?
  • Common nutrition myths and truths
  • How social media has changed the way we eat
  • Building healthy behaviours in the workplace
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