Nino Strachey

Writer, public speaker and historian

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Head of Research for the National Trust
Author of 'Rooms of Their Own'

Nino Strachey is a writer, public speaker and historian who works as Head of Research for the National Trust. Nino is related to a family at the heart of the Bloomsbury Group, and she has a particular interest in this area.

Since starting her career with the Landmark Trust, she has worked for English Heritage and the National Trust researching the homes of scientists (Darwin), politicians (Churchill) and authors (Woolf). Her writing focuses on the expression of personality through place, seeking to uncover hidden or under-represented histories. Her book Rooms of Their Own explored the lives of three writers linked to the Bloomsbury Group, revealing changing attitudes towards sexuality and gender in the 1920s and 30s.

Nino is a regular public speaker, making festival appearances, chairing panel discussions, and giving talks for conferences, museums and societies. She has lectured in the US and Italy as well as in the UK, Nino has written for many publications, ranging from The Literary Review to Apollo and Country Life . She lives in London with her husband and family.

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