Lizzie Hodgson

Founder of ThinkNation; expert in humanising technology

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Co-host of The Z-X Spectrum podcast
On the Advisory Board at The Gulbenkian Arts Centre

Lizzie Hodgson aims to humanise the impact of technology for all.

As the founder of ThinkNation, she tackles big tech questions and challenges, empowering young people to explore the world they are inheriting. This has never been more important than the times we are living in today.

Her ability to cut through often complex issues and stripping away the hyperbole ensures she educates and challenges diverse audiences.

With a background in speechwriting for central government, a Katerva Gender Equality Global Expert Panel Member, and founder of a (failed) tech company, Lizzie is as comfortable talking to a conference of global CIOs about Artificial Intelligence biases as she is speaking to young people, nurturing a narrative of hope.

Lizzie is also the co-host of The Z-X Spectrum podcast with Brandon Relph. Here, they take an intergenerational view of the impact of tech and digital on work, society, education… and life.

She is on the Advisory Board at The Gulbenkian Arts Centre, and Industrial Advisory Board at University of Kent School of Computing.

Suggested Talks:


Generation Z: In this talk Lizzie explores how Generation Z are changing the face of the workforce, as established norms of work are being dismantled. Lizzie discusses the challenges and opportunities that these changes present, and offers solutions for how businesses can adapt and utilise this blended workforce to ensure increased productivity and engagement.


Humans & Technology: Technology is more than ones and zeroes: it’s fluid, complex and ultimately changing the way we live, behave and interact, at speeds we’ve not seen before. In this talk Lizzie explains how we can tackle unconscious bias in technology and how technology, when utilised with a diverse workforce both culturally and across generations, will lead to better products and better outcomes for all.


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