Kate Leaver

Author, journalist and speaker specialising in mental health issues

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Prolific commentator on mental health
Author of The Friendship Cure and Good Dog

Kate Leaver is an author, journalist and speaker.

She has written for the Guardian, Glamour, the Independent, the Evening Standard, Vogue, Refinery29 and The Pool. She has appeared as a commentator on BBC Woman’s Hour, Badass Woman’s Hour and Channel 4 News.

Kate has interviewed Eddie Redmayne, Nicole Kidman, Jessie J, Ezra Miller, Andrew Solomon and Bill Bailey, as well as two Kardashians, two prime ministers and two members of the Monty Python crew

In Australia, where Kate began her career (and life), she was features editor at Cosmopolitan magazine and senior editor at Mamamia, as well as a regular commentator on TV and radio.

Kate was a children’s entertainer and has taught drama to high-school students. She has a degree in Arts, Media and Communications from the University of Sydney, where she once won a poetry prize judged by Les Murray for a three-course limerick about Masterchef. Kate did a fellowship with the International Herald Tribune in Seoul, South Korea, and performed comedy cabaret at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

She published her first book, The Friendship Cure, in 2019, and her second book Good Dog was released in 2020.

Suggested talks:

The Friendship Cure: In this talk Kate explores the dangers of loneliness and how this can be treated through friendship to improve not only our mental wellbeing, but also to build a stronger, happier workplace. Often seen as taboo, the symptoms of loneliness can be difficult to recognise and with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting our ability to interact, the need for friendship and social connection are more important than ever.

Good Dog: Dogs have huge benefits for both our physical and mental health. They can change and sometimes even save our lives by reducing loneliness, anxiety and depression. Drawing from both her own experience and other highly moving case studies, from therapy dogs in retirement homes, to a puppy who helped a war veteran through PTSD, Kate explores the wonders of dogs and the support they offer to our health and wellbeing.

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