Dr Melanie Windridge

Plasma physicist, adventurer, speaker and author

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UK Director of the Fusion Industry Association
Vice President of the prestigious Alpine Club
Author of Aurora: in Search of the Northern Lights

Dr Melanie Windridge is a plasma physicist, speaker and writer with a taste for adventure.

She has a PhD in plasma physics (fusion energy) from Imperial College London, where she remains an academic visitor. She is Communications Consultant for privately-funded fusion company Tokamak Energy, and UK Director of the Fusion Industry Association, working to accelerate the development of fusion as a clean energy source for the future.

Fusion is the elusive, ultimate energy source that will change the energy landscape; perhaps even change the world.  The next decade will be an important one for fusion energy and Melanie will tell you why, looking at where fusion fits in the energy market and the factors now coming together.

Melanie delivers insightful talks on her work in fusion, exploring the climate crisis, and emerging new technologies looking to fulfil the need for clean, reliable power. She explains the imminent arrival of fusion energy, and what the future of power will look like.

A regular public speaker, Melanie has addressed audiences at wide-ranging events. She has made countless television, radio and podcast appearances, both in the UK and abroad, including programmes for the BBC and National Geographic Channel. She has written articles for the Sunday Times magazine, ForbesPhysics World, Trail and more.


Suggested Talks:

Fusion Future: On the Path to Deep Decarbonisation: Fusion is the elusive, ultimate energy source that will change the energy landscape; perhaps even change the world.  The next decade will be an exciting one for fusion energy and Melanie will tell you why, looking at where fusion fits in the energy market and the factors now coming together.  What does it take to harness the energy of the stars?

Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights: Do we really understand the northern lights? Tour operators will have us believe that we do, but there are still mysteries hidden behind the dancing curtains of light. Interweaving the science with a background of their history, folklore and changing landscape, Aurora brings together space, place and science in magnificent style. In a journey that takes her through Scandinavia, Canada and Svalbard, culminating in a spectacular solar eclipse, Dr. Melanie Windridge delves into the Northern Lights.

Summiting the Science of Everest: Mount Everest – the ultimate endurance challenge – is a place where science plays a huge part in performance and survival. Telling the story of her own summit attempt, Dr Melanie Windridge investigates how advances in science and technology enable ordinary people to summit and survive the extremes.

Impossibles: The Meeting of Science and Adventure: Melanie Windridge is a physicist, speaker, writer… with a taste for adventure.She has travelled the world, gained a doctorate in fusion energy, made inventions for technology companies, appeared on TV, climbed mountains and written books. She works for Tokamak Energy, a private fusion company working towards commercial fusion power. She has skied out across Arctic Svalbard to see the northern lights. She has climbed Everest to highlight the science that makes it safer. Following Melanie’s journey from childhood to the present day, we find out how Melanie has built a career around her two passions of science and adventure, and how she has come to recognise that the common theme in the elements of her career is the notion of achieving the “impossible”.


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