Douglas McWilliams

World leading economist specialising in technology and globalisation

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Founder of the Centre for Economics & Business Research
Author of The Flat White Economy and The Inequality Paradox

Douglas McWilliams is one of the world’s leading economists. His bestselling book The Flat White Economy, which explains the growth of the digital economy and what it means for the future, was described by the Evening Standard as ‘one of the most important books to be published on the British economy in decades’.

Douglas is the founder and executive deputy chairman of Cebr, the leading economics think tank, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Cebr is well-known around the world for its expertise in forecasting the economy and understanding globalisation and technology.

Douglas appears frequently in the media, presents regularly in the House of Commons and has previously served as the Gresham Professor of Commerce (chosen from over 300 applicants).

Before he set up Cebr, Douglas was Chief Economic Adviser to the Confederation of British Industry, Chief Economist for IBM and chaired the Economics Committee of Business Europe.

His new book, The Inequality Paradox: How Capitalism Can Work for Everyone was published in September 2019 by Abrams & Chronicle Books.

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