Clare Seal

Clare is an established voice on the personal finance scene, best known as the creator of the viral Instagram account @myfrugalyear

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Author of Real Life Money (2020) and Five Steps to Financial Wellbeing (2022)
Creator behind the Instagram account @myfrugalyear with over 80k followers
Founder of The Financial Wellbeing Forum promoting a controlled and confident relationship with money

Clare Seal is an author, speaker and columnist best known as the creator behind the viral Instagram account @myfrugalyear.

When Clare reached what seemed like a breaking point in her relationship with money in 2019, she turned to Instagram to make herself accountable, posting anonymously about her journey out of debt as @myfrugalyear. She immediately struck a chord with her posts offering advice and solidarity to a growing community of people in a similar situation, with her perspective changing from student to teacher as time has gone on.

Now an established voice on the finance scene, Clare is appointed as the money columnist at Glamour and writes for national publications such as The Guardian, Grazia, Good Housekeeping and more.

Clare also runs The Financial Wellbeing Forum, providing articles, online courses, workplace education and workshops to nurture a controlled and confident relationship with money.

Clare is the author of three books: Real Life Money (May 2020), The Real Life Money Journal (December 2020) and Five Steps to Financial Wellbeing (March 2022). She works with a selection of carefully chosen brands to consult on campaigns and policies, amplify their message across her social media and help them to reach new customers as a trusted voice in this space.





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