Charlotte Jessop

Financial educator with strong social media following

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Maths teacher turned financial educator
76k followers across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter
Works across all media and with household brands to promote understanding of personal finance amongst younger generations
Has collaborated with brands such as HSBC, Tesco Mobile, PensionBee, Paysend and The Nottingham
Co-founder of #MetadoBetter campaign

Charlotte Jessop is the financial educator, coach, writer, vlogger and podcaster behind the Looking After your Pennies platform.

After a decade as a maths teacher, Charlotte noticed a gap in the education system around personal finance skills. Her decision to write about her own experiences with money on her website led to a recognition that poor financial education is a national – even global – problem. Through sharing posts, articles and videos, Charlotte has gained a significant following of people who want to learn more.

Financial education is now Charlotte’s full-time job and she is regularly called upon for her expert financial opinion in printed media, on television, podcasts and on the radio.

Charlotte runs The Money Nook which provides workshops, courses and coaching for its members – or as they are affectionately called, “Nookworms.” The Money Nook is a safe space for people to learn about money online.

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