Cathy Cullen

Co-host and producer of The Cinemile

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Cathy co-hosts and produces the critically-acclaimed podcast The Cinemile which won Best New Podcast at the inaugural British Podcast Awards in 2017. She has been called “hilarious” by the Observer, and they were described in NME as “The Richard and Judy that we deserve, but never got”. She has worked in broadcast media for over ten years in scheduling, strategy, and merchandising.

Suggested Talks:

Podcast Consumption in Lockdown: In this talk Cathy looks at how lockdown has influenced both the genres we consume and the means by which we consume them and how this is linked to the dramatic changes we have experienced to our daily routines. This talk discusses changes in trends both in the UK and internationally.

Covid-19’s Effect on Podcast Production and Content: Podcasting as a medium is uniquely placed in the arts. They are cheap to make, can be recorded and edited remotely, and uploaded over regular Wi-Fi requiring little storage unlike film and TV. In this talk Cathy explores how and why podcasting has reacted so dramatically to the pandemic. She discusses how vast amounts of COVID related podcasts are being produced and how they differentiate themselves from a crowded market as well as looking at how wider trends in the media influence the consumption of podcasts. Cathy illustrates these changes by revealing her experience of recording her own podcast Cinemile during the pandemic and how she has adapted to ensure its continued success.

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