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What can we expect from the new government?


What can we expect from the new Government Northbank Speakers

As a new government takes power, there are many unknowns that lie ahead. How will they navigate international relations? Will they be able to address pressing social issues? What policies will they prioritize and how will they impact the economy? In times of uncertainty, there’s anxiety but also excitement; risks but also opportunities.

In uncertain times, Northbank speakers provide you and your business insightful analysis and expert commentary. Here are a few highlights.

Sir Anthony Seldon is the acknowledged national authority on all matters to do with Number 10. He’s renowned for his definitive insider accounts of British prime ministers, including the acclaimed, instant Sunday Times bestseller Johnson at 10, and is the co-founder of the Museum of the Prime Minister and AI in Education.

Drawing from his research, which includes interviews with virtually all senior figures who have worked in Number 10 in the last 50 years, Anthony is uniquely suited to assess the challenges facing the next prime minister and how he will measure up.

Caroline Wheeler is the political editor of The Sunday Times and has been a parliamentary reporter for over 15 years. She has broken numerous agenda-setting stories, including revelations about coronavirus lockdowns, Theresa May’s snap general election, and the government’s secret contingency plan for a hard Brexit.

She boasts an insider’s knowledge of government and Whitehall and has impeccable contacts with senior politicians, leading business figures and civil servants. A frequent political commentator for the BBC and Sky, Caroline expertly dissects policy issues to go beyond the headlines.

Gerard Lyons - Irish Times - 07.05.2024

Gerard Lyons is one of the most influential analysts of the global economy, an active contributor to the economic policy debate, and one of the few economists to foresee the 2008 recession.

With over thirty years of experience in senior roles in the City and public policy, he is able to convey the most complex economic issues in an accessible way. With cost of living and inflation key issues going into the election, will Labour’s plans for economic stability, growth and wealth creation stand up? How will the City and investors react? What will be Britain’s new place in the global economy?

Sir Graham Brady was elected to parliament in 1997 as the youngest Conservative MP in the house, and has now stepped
down as an MP. As the longest-serving Chairman of the 1922 Committee, the group with the power to choose a new leader of
the Conservative Party, he has been at the heart of every leadership challenge since 2010.

He offers unparalleled insights into the choices of successive prime ministers and their administrations; where leadership failures originate; and the difficulties ahead for the new prime minister and his government.

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