Dr Tess Morris-Paterson

Dr Tess Morris-Paterson on The Convex Conversation podcast


As NASA prepares to land people on the Moon for the first time since 1972, aerospace physiologist Dr Tess Morris-Paterson joined journalist Helen Fospero on The Convex Conversation to talk about her work selecting astronauts for missions like Artemis and what it takes to become an astronaut.

Tess explains the lunar orbit of the Moon’s South Pole, discusses plans for astronauts to live and work under the Moon’s surface, and how these missions will pave the way to travel to Mars using hydrogen from the lunar ice caps.

Tess went through the gruelling selection process herself with the European Space Agency. Combining her aerospace knowledge with a decade working in Formula One and Premier League football, she founded Astro Perform to design selection programmes and prepare candidates for the challenges of space flight.

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