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Northbank Creators launched today


Following the launch of Northbank Talent Management in 2018 and Northbank Speakers in 2019, we are delighted to announce the launch of Northbank Creators.

Authenticity is key in a world in which commerce, campaigning and social interaction have been democratised by digital platforms and brought into one space. It’s no longer enough for brands to advertise on billboards, in magazines and through TV commercials. For the first time in human history, the most powerful means of recommendation – word of mouth – is replicable at scale courtesy of social media, and brands have naturally gravitated towards hiring so-called “influencers” to endorse their products or services.

But this twenty-first iteration of the advertising industry has got off to a rocky start.  Celebrity influencers showing off their gym-honed bodies in LA mansions have limited resonance with today’s values-driven consumer and accusations of inauthenticity are rife, prompting calls for tighter regulation and increased transparency. At the same time, the newer platforms such as TikTok offer diverse ways in which users can create content, and algorithms that promote content on its quality rather than the creator’s follower base.

For these reasons, brands now increasingly prioritise creators who offer authority in their area, project clear values, and produce creative, quality content. At Northbank, we’ve always focused on representing experts and talented storytellers, so we’re perfectly set up to partner with brands and agencies to add an extra dimension to campaigns.

We’re concentrating on six core areas and are actively signing up more great clients in each of them:  food & drink; lifestyle, fashion & parenting; politics & social change; science, technology & business; sports, fitness & wellbeing; and illustration.

And of course, as a full-service agency, our creator clients benefit from our broadcast, podcast, books and speaking capabilities, maximising their profile and generating opportunities across all media.

We look forward to working with you as the business continues to grow.

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