The Ticket to Happiness is published today


The Ticket to Happiness by Faith Bleasdale is published today in ebook format by Avon.

Brooke Walker needs to escape, and what better way to do so than booking a one-way ticket from California to England? Destination: Meadowbrook Manor, a family-run boutique hotel in the countryside, which promises fresh air, picturesque views and most importantly, peace and quiet.

But the last thing Brooke wants is to kick back and relax. She quickly integrates into daily life at the hotel, lending a hand at the animal sanctuary on site and becoming a firm friend to both the staff and residents.

Yet even with so much to distract her, Brooke soon realises she can’t outrun her troubles — even 5,000 miles from home. Will Meadowbrook Manor be the fresh start she needs, or will it help her find happiness in ways that she least expected…?

The Ticket to Happiness is available online now.

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