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Rachel Wells: The perfect place to write


One of the most frequent questions I get as an author is where and how I write.

My writing process is something that is subject to change, actually it’s a little chaotic. I wish I was the sort of person who could say I am going to be pinned to my desk for eight hours a day but once I’ve factored in organising my sock drawer and snacking, it rarely works out that way. The other day I was writing at five-thirty am, in bed I must add, and late nights are not uncommon. It really depends on where I am with the writing and how looming my deadlines are.

Last year I changed my study in order to be more organised, more structured with my writing.

I ordered a retro desk – the delivery driver asked, ‘where do you want your dressing table, love,’ when I told him it was actually a desk he laughed at me. It does work as a desk though.

I hung a I noticeboard above it, which has lots of pictures, quotes and postcards that inspire me. Many an hour is spent gazing at it when I’m supposed to be writing, actually. I also have bookcases crammed full which when I am struggling for words I re-organise. I’m actually very good at procrastination.

I sit at that desk/dressing table and feel like a ‘proper writer,’ because it is the only room in the house that belongs solely to me. I have a child, which as any parent will understand means that toys, games and plastic figures sneak their way around the house, even into my bed, so having a room that is mine and mine alone is priceless. It is the only room in my house my child is banned from – of course that doesn’t stop him or the cat for that matter, but it is largely a room of my own.

I don’t always work there. The other day for example I wanted to take advantage of the rare British sun and I took my laptop to the local outdoor pool. It was multi-tasking at its best, I swam, got lots of work done, and got a tan. In the winter, as I hate being cold, I often huddle in bed with my hot water bottle and my laptop to keep warm. I’m like a nana as I punch out my words.

I suppose my writing routine is not much of a routine after all.

But my study is always the place I go back to. It gets messy, the carpet is covered in piles of books, it’s like my very own assault course. I have the radio blaring to be my background noise. Having a job where some days I write an amazing amount and others I struggle to spit out a sentence, having my study is like having a friend, a comfort blanket and a safe place, where I get to do the job that I am so very lucky to have.

By Rachel Wells

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